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A self portrait by Philip Nicholson

Since moving to Sweden in 1987, I have been fascinated by the Swedish landscape, which differs markedly from what I grew up with in northern England. With the help of acrylic, oil paint and watercolour I try to capture the magic that you usually experience on a sunny morning or at sunset when exploring nature and above all the forest. I am also inspired by the different colours and textures that you find in, for example, a stone wall covered with moss, or how a lone tree can defy winter's cold and fog and still stand proud.


I follow the small paths that exist in every forest and want to take all the impressions with me so that I can start painting as soon as I get home.


Even the beach in Halland is unique in my world, raised as I am on that part of England's coast which, with its extreme differences between high and low tide, is the most exposed in all of Europe to coastal erosion.


I work almost every day as I am convinced that inspiration comes after hard work, not before, and I work both with my own images and also on behalf of clients.


With realism as my main interest, I like to borrow a visual language from the world of photography, for example how a subject in backlight can partially disappear due to the enormous power of the sun or how a photo, taken in a fraction of a second, can make a rushing river not seem to move at all.

A gradient of green to blue
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